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This web site is currently under construction, if you have any queries please contact J Hodges.
This web site has been set up as a resource for members of the Australian and New Zealand Golden Retriever breeders Facebook group and also may be useful for members of the public seeking information on Golden Retrievers in Australia & New Zealand.
This site does not offer puppies for sale, but will direct you to breeders in each state, and to state club sites that may list litters available.
Breeders listed on this site are all dedicated to improving our breed, and are all involved in some form of activity with their dogs, ie showing, trialling, tracking or obedience,  they also screen their dogs for hip & elbow dysplasia, and do annual eye testing and have heart's tested.
We all belong to our our state kennel clubs, and abide by their rules and regulations, most are also members of state Golden Retriever Clubs

The Australian Golden Retrievers Breeders Face Book group is a closed group for serious breeders of Australia and New Zealand who wish to discuss current breed issues, such as breeding, health, training, and share the joys of owning this wonderful breed. Breeders must be members of their state kennel club and have a registered kennel prefix and be actively involved in the world of Golden Retrievers. Membership is by application via Face Book.

 This site is not affiliated with the ANKC, the information found on this site is provided by members of the AGRBG.



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